Hang the DJ. Air date. Journalist. Director

Hang the DJ. Air date. Journalist. Director

“Hang the DJ” may be the episode that is fourth of Mirror’s 4th period. It stars Georgina Campbell, Joe Cole, and George Blagden. The name is a guide to your track ‘Panic’, by The Smiths.


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Plot edit edit source

Frank (Joe Cole) is instructed by “Coach”, a synthetic intelligence system installed on a little, circular tablet, to attend “the Hub”, a sizable, mall-like building. Here he gets in a restaurant where he could be accompanied by Amy (Georgina Campbell), that is additionally after Coach’s directions. The 2 discover them has met someone through “the System”, which dictates which romantic relationships its users will have and for how long that it is the first time each of. 继续阅读“Hang the DJ. Air date. Journalist. Director”