I Drove 1,000 Kilometres for the Lesbian Tinder Date From Hell

I Drove 1,000 Kilometres for the Lesbian Tinder Date From Hell

Halfway through supper, we understand she’s drunk.

We’re dining a la fresco over plates of coho salmon and cups of burgandy or merlot wine. It’s those types of gloriously hot Northern nights in which the sun—which never sets this time around of year—hangs bright and clear into the western and everything assumes a soft, sepia-tinted radiance. The restaurant sits beside the Chena River,* which runs brown and sluggish beside us, saturated in ducks and gulls. It’s level that is basically maximum for Fairbanks, Alaska.

Except that my date, Alice, is half within the bag.

We was thinking I smelled liquor on her behalf breath once I got within the automobile along with her, but we dismissed it; we’d been together almost all of the day—when the hell would she experienced time for you get drunk? She inadvertently answers my unspoken concern when she reaches on her behalf phone and negligently will leave the most notable section of her case open—I’m able to experience a Gatorade container amid a few documents, three-quarters high in a golden fluid that is clearly perhaps not an electrolyte-replacing recreations beverage.

I believe concerning the container of Jack Daniels in the countertop in her own kitchen area.

We take a sip of wine and attempt to process the fact she happens to be ghost-drinking in the restroom like a teen at a college party, most likely throughout the day. A lot is explained by it. Within the last few hours that are few Alice has:

  • Made disparaging remarks about homeless and very first countries individuals
  • Constantly offered me backhanded, aggressive compliments that I’m confident qualify as “negging”
  • Talked non-stop about everyone else she’s ever dated, fucked, eye-banged or possessed a dream that is wet
  • Is currently involved with the center of a more elaborate retelling of exactly how her first true love ended up being an underage, 17 year-old girl she came across while she—substantially older—was her senior school volleyball advisor. 继续阅读“I Drove 1,000 Kilometres for the Lesbian Tinder Date From Hell”