just What every woman has to learn about HIV and AIDS

just What every woman has to learn about HIV and AIDS

Researching HIV and AIDS will allow you to, friends, and family members remain safe and healthier. Abstinence, or perhaps not having any kind of intercourse, may be the simplest way in order to avoid HIV. If you opt to have intercourse in the long run, always utilize a latex condom to assist in preventing HIV, and just simply just take other actions mail order wife to greatly help end HIV and AIDS. The following is some great information for girls:

HIV can only just be sent through the body’s liquids, like bloodstream, semen, or genital liquids. HIV can be a form of sexually transmitted disease (STI), also known as a std (STD). STIs are sent through various sorts of sexual intercourse, along with sexual intercourse, with a person who is contaminated.

STIs, like chlamydia, boost your danger of getting HIV. About one in four teenagers (ages 14–19) has an STI. You have an STI, go to a doctor if you think. Find out about signs and symptoms of STIs.

Females and girls managing HIV could have no signs for decades. Regardless if HIV causes no signs, it’s still harming your own body’s immune protection system, or immune system against health problems. Individuals coping with HIV have to get therapy as soon as you possibly can.

Those who have intercourse has reached danger of HIV. Your danger will be based upon things you may maybe perhaps perhaps not know — like who your lover happens to be with before or if they will have ever injected medications. Be brave, make inquiries, and obtain tested together.

Safeguard your self making use of a condom precisely each time you have actually vaginal, anal, or sex that is oral avoiding experience of your spouse’s liquids and bloodstream. Alternative methods to stop HIV include only making love with one partner that is just sex to you, would youn’t have HIV, and who does not inject medications.

Speak to your physician about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and prophylaxis that are post-exposurePEP). 继续阅读“just What every woman has to learn about HIV and AIDS”