The Fairy Tale Has Ended for Dubai’s Royal Family

The Fairy Tale Has Ended for Dubai’s Royal Family

Sheik Mohammed’s spouse has fled her homeland that could you should be the start of their problems.

Everything in regards to the whole tale of Haya bint al-Hussein has become remarkable. The half-sister associated with Jordanian that is current king Princess Haya is definitely probably the most publicly visible and well known of this six spouses of Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed container Rashid Al Maktoum. She had been usually seen by her husband’s part at local and worldwide functions, greeting dignitaries and speeches—all that is delivering unusual when it comes to spouse of a Persian Gulf ruler.

She’s got recently become remarkable in a various method. A week ago, it emerged that she became the most recent notable example of the growing trend in the Arab world: females fleeing their domiciles to look for shelter somewhere else. Princess Haya reaches minimum the royal that is third to own deserted Dubai’s ruling family members, leaving the glittering city-state sometime this springtime for the great britain along with her two kiddies: Zayed, 7, and Al Jalila, 11. Sheikh Mohammed, who’s additionally the vice president and prime minister for the United Arab Emirates, then filed case resistant to the princess in a U.K. Court.

A lot of the drama remains shrouded in secret. But court instances in Britain may soon provide a screen right into a scandal that is major two of the most extremely notable royal families in the area.

An illustration of that scandal is legible in a poem apparently composed by Dubai’s ruler and posted on social media marketing by one of his true close associates on June 22. When you look at the poem, Sheikh Mohammed relates to a woman’s treachery and lying. The text that is full in accordance with my personal interpretation, checks out:

Some wrongs are known as betrayal,

And the boundary was broken by you and betrayed.

O you whom betrayed the absolute most valuable of trust,

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