MGM Sues On-line Casino Over Trademark Infringement and ‘Identity Theft’

MGM Sues On-line Casino Over Trademark Infringement and ‘Identity Theft’

MGM Resorts is suing a casino that is online trademark infringement and cybersquatting.

MGM Resorts gets litigious over a rogue online gambling company using its name, but history shows casino that is big have tough time collecting damages in such cases.

A lawsuit filed in United States District Court for the District of Nevada on Thursday accuses the unnamed operator of of incorporating the business’s trademarks, including its famous lion logo, for the intended purpose of ‘impersonating MGM and trading off of the significant popularity goodwill and consumer recognition’ of the MGM name., a chinese language website, is accused of pretending become the real MGM in an effort to ‘lure gamblers to gamble at its illicit web site,’ in accordance with the filing.

The casino giant is searching for injunctive relief against the operator, also transfer of the domain title, plus compensatory and punitive damages, and attorneys’ fees and costs.

The filing notes that’s homepage even contains a copyright that is false at the bottom of the home page, saying ‘Copyright MGM Resorts International.’

Damages Hard to Retrieve

Casino giants like MGM are periodically required to protect their intellectual property rights aggressively against unscrupulous gambling web sites. In 2015, Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Corp won a lawsuit that is similar 35 Chinese online gambling websites that 继续阅读“MGM Sues On-line Casino Over Trademark Infringement and ‘Identity Theft’”