Japan Issues Arrest Warrant for Carlos Ghosn’s Wife

Japan Issues Arrest Warrant for Carlos Ghosn’s Wife

The authorities said they suspect Carole Ghosn offered testimony that is false April linked to the allegations against her spouse.

TOKYO — The Japanese authorities stated on Tuesday as they sought to bring him back to the country to face criminal charges that they had issued a warrant for the arrest of Carole Ghosn, the wife of Carlos Ghosn, taking direct aim at the family of the fallen auto magnate.

Prosecutors in Tokyo stated that they had acquired an arrest warrant for Mrs. Ghosn, 53, on suspicion of offering testimony that is false months ago. In a declaration, they stated Mrs. Ghosn had testified that she would not understand an individual who had been involved with Mr. Ghosn’s situation, despite the fact that she was at communication with that person although the individual ended up being wiring cash between businesses at Mr. Ghosn’s request.

The statement failed to reveal the identities of the individual or perhaps the businesses.

The arrest warrant could be the latest twist in a global tale of intrigue. Mr. Ghosn, the architect of this Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi automobile kingdom, faces fees of economic wrongdoing in Japan. 继续阅读“Japan Issues Arrest Warrant for Carlos Ghosn’s Wife”