The ‘singing’ quality of this register that is upper.

The ‘singing’ quality of this register that is upper.

Its remarkable versatility of ‘dynamic’ range through the whole entire keyboard.

The eveness that is wonderful of action.

The ‘singing’ quality for the register that is upper. The piano sings for the keyboard, however in the past top two octaves, where many pianos are a disappointment in my opinion, the Bl thner took its well-deserved bow!

The quality in addition to patience that is obvious of craftsmanship.

The reaction to any design of music – traditional, jazz, pop music, rock’n’roll, people music, avant-guarde, etc.

The ‘orchestral’ quality regarding the Bl ü thner that will be so necessary for me personally as a pianist so that as a composer.

Since August, 1963, as soon as we imported initial brand new Bl Гј thner grand piano from Leipzig to Pasadena, Ca, it was the pleasure and objective of our household company to position fine BlГјthner pianos in houses, universities and colleges, with music enthusiasts, professional artists, and recording artists.

Whenever the unique characteristics of this BlГјthner are desired, the Kasimoff Piano business provides pianos for recitals, chamber music, opera shows, etc. 继续阅读“The ‘singing’ quality of this register that is upper.”